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Grab your keys to guitar mastery with this epic collection of best-in-class live performance and studio guitar resources from Grammy Nominated Jeffrey Kunde. In just one click, get instant access to ALL of the student acclaimed masterclasses, workshops, lessons, resources, presets, and much more - currently available (and some not currently available) at The Guitar Institute.
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"The Guitar Institute has improved me as a guitarist more in the last year than I’ve improved over the last 5 years"

Andrew Wallace
Guitar Institute Alumni
Bottom Line Up Front: This bundle includes everything I've ever taught.
From the first workshop I ever released in 2016, through all the years of The Guitar Institute’s weekly lessons, challenges, workshops, and even our bootcamps and councils, you'll find an incredible amount of resources that will help you:
  • Unlock and be free on the guitar neck
  • ​Maximize your practice sessions
  • ​Master the Nashville Number System and learn the “Language of Music”
  • ​Incorporate beautiful, unique and advanced chord voicings into your everyday playing
  • ​Shape your tone to sound like your heroes
  • ​Learn the art of modern lead guitar playing
  • ​Get the most out of your effect pedals and DAW plugins
  • ​Make your guitar rig “rock solid” - free of breakdowns and problems
  • ​Play with all the speed and agility you’ve always wanted
  • ​​Develop your overall musicianship
  • ​Learn to improvise and play inspiring parts live and in the moment
  • ​Confidently and skillfully play slide guitar
  • ​Acquire the skill to play the blues
  • ​Dial in believable analog tone out of digital rigs
  • ​Record in the studio or engineer your own guitar at home
  • ​Utilize pro recording techniques in every element of your DAW
  • ​Effectively construct a killer monitor mix and run a sound check
  • ​Play. By. Ear.
  • ​Turn your guitar playing hobby into a side hustle, or even a full business
  • ​Produce your own full band arrangements
  • ​Make ‘modes’ approachable and usable in your everyday playing
  • ​Play better as a band
Total retail value: $2594.97
Yours today for only $97

Here's Everything You Get With This Lifetime Access Bundle
Unlock The Neck
Discover how to break through the ruts in your practice and finally feel comfortable playing with speed and confidence, all around the neck
$50 Retail
Learn To Play By Ear
A groundbreaking workshop where you'll gain the ability to connect what is in your head (what you hear) to your fretboard.

$50 Retail
Get That Sound
Shape your tone like a professional and create the iconic sounds from your favorite recordings.
$50 Retail
Studio Guitar Recording
A complete, "over the shoulder", song by song deep dive on how the guitars were engineered and recorded for the Grammy nominated record Living With A Fire
$50 Retail
How To Write Creative Lead Lines
Discover how to overcome your creative blocks and finally write your own parts, on the fly

$50 Retail
Music Theory For The Music Industry
Gain the ability to build scales, chords, and intervals, and how to use the Nashville Number System to communicate on stage and in the studio

$50 Retail
World Of Live Guitar
Master the art of Live performance, and learn how to handle the complications and complexities that can happen.

$50 Retail
Tone Bootcamp
Learn all about the relationship between mics, amps, pedals, and physical touch that combine to make (or break) your guitar tone.

$50 Retail
The CAGED System
An in depth study of the neck, how to feel comfortable on it from the first fret to the last, and how to transition and flow freely up and down the neck. 
$50 Retail
World Of Studio Guitar
Know exactly how to professionally record your guitars, from the microphone - all the way to final mixes.

$50 Retail
Developing Your Musicianship
A study on being a relevant, modern player. A class on taste, melody, creativity, confidence, hire ability, and over all sense of musicality. 
$50 Retail
Total Modes
Pulling back the curtain on the mystery of Modes and their application, this workshop finally shows how to use modes in a modern way, using a very easy to understand method of explanation.  
$50 Retail
Advanced Chords And Voicings
How to use expanded chords such as 9ths 11ths and 13ths and more... expand the guitar neck to limitless possibilities of voicings and new textures. 
$50 Retail
Production 101
Understand studio production by viewing the song recording process with a much more holistic approach. Learn how to take songs from demo form into masterful productions ready to be mixed and mastered.
$50 Retail
Guitar Technique 101
The RIGHT foundation for your playing. Learn proper technique on the neck in order to start practicing and advancing the RIGHT way, with the RIGHT tools. A course for beginning to intermediate players.
$50 Retail
The Art Of Improvisation
A 90 minute conversation between Jeffrey Kunde and industry expert Ian McIntosh on how to grow your ability to improvise live and in studio.

$50 Retail
The Digital Solution
How to get ANALOG quality tones out of your digital rig, on a budget. We teach the process of dialing in tone on a digital platform - this one is GOOD.

$197 Retail
Playing The Blues
Learn to play rhythm and lead guitar in the blues style. 

$50 Retail
"Church" Album Walkthrough
Behind the scenes of pre and post production of a high budget live album from Jesus Culture called "Church". 

$50 Retail
36 Weeks Of Guitar Lessons
Pro Level Guitar lessons taught week by week, to make sure you're always moving forward and hitting your goals.

$297 Retail
Guitar Challenges
Archived hours upon hours of challenges, lessons, tutorials and interviews that we've hosted on our private Facebook group.

$297 Retail
Sound Like The Album Bootcamp
A 5 day high level challenge to gain the skill needed to listen to an album, and immediately dial in the same tone on your own rig.

$200 Retail
Breakthrough Technique
Maximize your daily practice sessions, gain speed and accuracy, and breakthrough the rut that you're in.

$200 Retail
Steal My Guitar Secrets
Cracking open the vault on some of his most incredible and closely guarded “Tricks” for electric guitar.  INSTANLY upgrade your tone and technique

$50 Retail
Build Your Music Biz
A 4 part intensive dedicated to one thing - training you on how to make money as a paid studio musician.

$200 Retail
The Chord Council
A 6 week Master Class on chord theory, voicings, how and when to play them, advanced chords, and more.  Become a Chord Genius!

$200 Retail
Slide Guitar Mastery
Learn to be a master slide guitarist. This course journeys through lessons for all slide skill levels and is great for those just starting with a slide, or even advanced players who are looking for a challenge. 
$50 Retail
101 Fingerstyle Patterns
101 fingerpicking patterns ranging from every classic folk and country pattern to complex rhythms, intricate ‘fingerstyle’ phrasing and even percussive ‘slapping’ techniques, so that you feel limitless in your picking ability!

$50 Retail
Acoustic Mastery
Become a masterful acoustic guitar player with this 5 part intensive. Take a journey through every aspect of the accomplished acoustic guitarists, and finally become one yourself.

$200 Retail

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Marshall Lewis
Student // The Guitar Institute

"The Guitar Institute has made me an overall better musician, guitarist and artist.

From theory to gear to producing my knowledge and skill have gone up exponentially...

I can't recommend this class enough."
Jason Lee
Student // The Guitar Institute

"I got into a rut of just playing the same thing over and over again and felt like I was not making any progress.

Everything I was looking at on the Internet was either not explained simplistically or left a lot to be desired.

This program has helped me expand my knowledge in what I thought was possible in guitar and made it so simple.
Highly recommended. "
Andrew Wallace
Student // The Guitar Institute

"The Guitar Institute has improved me as a guitarist more in the last year than I've improved over the last 5 years."